Warning: Living Your EPIC Life requires a whole transformation. You need the money, health, marketing, strategy, energetics, relationships and clarity.

The Epic Life Conference is for you if:
* You want more than what you have
* Are conscious and heart centered
* Don’t have the income you need or want
* Know you’re here for more and it’s just out of reach
* Are tired of the “ra ra” all talk conferences
* Are ready for information that is based on ancient principles but designed for modern life.

Watch below for Clues and find out how you can access THE transformational event of the year.  First, turn up your speakers and watch this game changing video:



Here is one key…You will learn how Consciousness and Abundance
collaborate or clash! But more importantly how to have both, easily!


The Epic Life Conference is designed to give you the greatest opportunity to work, benefit and succeed from the “Inside Out.”

When you feel un-fulfilled, it’s like you’re constantly playing catch-up with your dreams. You are likely even saying those words. 

Maybe you have a business or dream that started with so energy, drive and promise. The ideas were flowing and creating it was so much fun. But now…you’ve realized that the flow isn’t flowing.

You may even be about to give up, right now.

You’re thinking I just need a tool, I just need one more technique or I just need to make the right changes to my website and it will all be working. You go to bed scratching your head, wondering how and what went wrong and hoping that someday, somehow, your dreams will be rekindled and you’ll start to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Or perhaps you’re just STUCK, at a crossroads not know how to proceed. You’re overwhelmed, stressed, pressured and unclear about the future; and you feel like that light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.


Clue # 1:  The Most Successful People Don’t Enjoy Lifeepic 2

True prosperity is designed from the “Inside Out”. When your “Inside” energy is aligned with your “Outside” energy you buzz with joy and laughter and your business starts growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because you are in alignment. So, if you learn how to align your “Inside”, you’ll start seeing truly amazing results:

  • More profits
  • Better relationships
  • More fulfillment on every level

The Epic Life Conference event is designed to provide you the greatest opportunity to work, benefits and succeed from the “Inside Out”.

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Clue # 2:  Everything we can see, touch, smell, taste and hear makes up just 1% of our lives. It’s the other 99% that does the heavy lifting, without us even realizing it!

All of our emotions; our connection and our energy, all of our clarity of intuition and everything that ultimately causes our success or failure resides in that massive 99% that inside of us. That’s why it’s so critical for your to harness this – NOW!

Here’s why this gathering is the Event of the Year — Maybe even the Decade

You learn things in two ways:

intellectually and,

Over the past 24 months I’ve discovered that most events out there focus on strategies and tactics (one more campaign, one more technique, etc), which is all well and good. The only problem is that these events only affect change on the tiny 1% level — your conscious mind and doing more. Your results don’t come from either of these places and won’t get you the complete result.

Clue # 3:  Action is everything. 

You must take action on what you’re reading here by attending this event. I cannot stress this to you enough. If you’re serious about making those measurable shifts and having the results you want in your life then the Epic Life Conference is where you need to be if you want real results while you’re in the room.epic life


Why Must You Attend!

 Here’s what you can expect when you attend:

  • a radical shift that will finally get you into alignment with who you are, where you are going and how to get there.
  • an unprecedented move forward in creating your legacy, so that generations from now your footprint on this earth will still be seen and felt.
  • increases in income, flow, business growth and abundance that will be life changing on many levels, as you gain the techniques to eliminate your current obstacles with ease.

The Epic Life Conference is designed to give you cellular and energetic shifts, which taps into your powerful 99%! This is where powerful learning and life long transformation occur. 

This is not some hocus pocus / new age voodoo that we are speaking about. People have been teaching these lessons for thousands of years. I have spent the  last 20 years dedicating my life to helping people connect and creating breakthroughs in their lives and my teacher left a 75 year legacy that is being taught by me for the first time in this environment.

As you participate in each portion of the event you will receive shifts that affect the most important 99% of you. (please explain how/why this will occur?)

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Each presenter has been personally guided by me to share only those tidbits, techniques and principles that will access and help you transform that 99%. Our presenters have been hand selected so by me because they are the most aligned, authentic, deliver the goods that will absolutely take effect for you. 

I expect miracles

Their tools have been assessed by my energetic validation methodology, which I’ve taught to thousands, and meet the high standards to help you shift at the event. 

These shifts will be physical, mental, emotional and subtle. They will shake you up and bring in some of the most amazing transformational chunks of learning you need to leap into your next phase.

As you gain clarity from those 99% subtle shifts you make giant changes that are not forced so they feel like freedom, joy, liberation and those bring about success. 

If you’re ready for that radical shift, get into alignment with leaving your legacy, and want the results of life long permanent changes then we’d love to have you join us.

If you want to have the income flow, grow your business, eliminate obstacles that continue to show up, choose the right business partner it’s the 99% that  must be affected and that’s where we’ll meet you.


Join us in shifting that 99% of you for faster results!


The clarity in the inner life is what creates the outer success.

Without the advancements of technology we wouldn’t be able to express and connect in the ways we do and yet our inner world is filled with turmoil, uncertainty and obstacles. We have more obstacles to our success than ever before. 

We have designed this event to give you access to the best practices to move beyond any obstacle you are experiencing. 

You’ll have an experiential, life shifting few days. There will be multiples of breakthroughs when you join us at the gathering of EPIC Life.

We’ve been helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEO’s take giant leaps into fulfilling their legacy and we’re ready to have you create and innovate so that your legacy is what you have dreamed it would be. 

We designed this time to give you access to the most powerful change agents around. They will stretch you and help you achieve goals beyond where you’re at – We promise.


People have said this about our conference:



I have a million ideas, all which can take me in different directions.  It was hard to know what to do first…until I told Sheevaun I had so many things on my list I didn’t know where to start.  Sheevaun gave me some of the best advice I have ever received…the perfect way to categorize all those ideas and to do’s so I was always working on the most important ones first.I now have three lists and every idea goes on one of those lists, I love doing itIt makes me money.  Now throughout the day, I add things to my list into the correct category… I set aside time to do a few of the things I love each day (and that makes me happy) and some time to do the things that make money (which makes me happy too) – all the rest is delegated.  It is a perfect start and end to each day!

Thank you Sheevaun for your brilliance and practical approach to eliminating the overwhelming list of things for me to do – I love my three lists. ~ Janet Powers, Founder and CEO of Women’s Toolbox one of the most highly rated women’s business sites on the web.



Sheevaun is an amazing Mentor and Business Coach. She has helped me transform not only my business but myself as well. She has an amazing ability to get right to the source of the matter and help transform the situation from the inside out. I would and have highly recommended her and her services.” Karl P., Entrepreneur



jeffreyI was so discontent in many parts of my life that I contracted cancer. As a partner in a law firm I saw no way out except to quit. Working with Sheevaun has given me three dreams. One – I am completely healthy, Two – I got to paint and sell my paintings, Three – I am living my all time dream of owning a boutique bookstore and it’s thriving better than I could have anticipated. The guidance along the way from Sheevaun has been priceless. ~ Jeff S., Attorney turned Entrepreneur


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This is an experience that will unleash and unbind obstacles to your success, rekindle your energy and illuminate your possibilities…

…so you can generate amazing results over and over again!

If you think this is going to be another one of “those seminars” where you’re sitting there taking notes, pouring water from the pitcher on the table, looking around the room as you wonder what you’re going to have for dinner, think again.
Your experience at this event will be life-altering as you discover how to dissolve the cluster of blocks that have been holding you back from infinite prosperity.
When we say experience you will be given actual hands on techniques and group interactions that will truly unwind and unbind anywhere you find yourself stuck.
Just imagine reaching a place where anything truly is possible in your life. 
A place where:
  • you know exactly when you’re clear and the right decision reveals itself
  • you instantly know what creates the originating block and what to do about it
  • you know how to use the hidden techniques to obliterate blocks and the secret language that unlocks and liberates all those blocks that have kept prosperity from flowing freely into your life
This is the place you’ll be accessing when you take part in The I AM SUCCESS NOW techniques and experience. In fact, you’ll unlock some incredibly simple techniques to dissolve a block in minutes!
For the past 15 years I’ve been helping leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and CEO’s reinvent or reinvigorate  their lives and businesses—with results that speak for themselves.
During that time I’ve also been leading thousands of people through massive transformations in events around the world.  Arizona is one of my favorite places to shatter the status quo for another passionate group, which is why I can’t wait to have you join us!

Throw away all those limitations, trash the negative self-talk and get ready to take part in something totally refreshing and life-affirming!

Achieve a sense of clarity, simplicity and energy in your life that you never knew before.
Enjoy more ease and grace in all parts of your business and life.
Embrace a new success-driven paradigm in all areas of your life:  health, money, happiness, peace of mind.
Once you see what’s possible and how to attain it, you’ll be poised for the most incredible shift of your life.
Look, life is too short to stay stuck, and you’ve been playing it safe for too long.
You have amazing gifts to share, grow, develop or experience. NOW is your time.  And this is the must-attend event of the year so you can propel yourself to new heights.